TeamViewer Corporate Subscription - 1 License - 1 Year

TeamViewer Corporate Subscription - 1 License - 1 Year

TeamViewer AddOn Channel Subscription - 1 License - 1 Year

TeamViewer AddOn Channel Subscription - 1 License - 1 Year

TeamViewer Pilot Technician(s) Subscription - 1 License - 1 Year

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  • Receive support right when you need it. One of your machines suddenly stops working. As this is a critical moment for your business you need help on the spot, right in this moment. With TeamViewer Pilot, you can quickly reach a remote expert, show him the problem through the camera of your smartphone and let him guide you to the problem solution.

  • Assist your customers wherever they are. Your customer’s car broke down and they are miles away from your car workshop. With TeamViewer Pilot, you can provide support no matter how far away you are: simply connect to their TeamViewer Pilot app, look at the motor through their smartphone camera and guide your customer to the problem solution, as if you were on site.

  • Save time and money through solving problems remotely. Your customer needs to set up a router. All they need is your knowledge and guidance while setting it up themselves. Being on site would require a long commute and is not necessary. Give your customers instructions and watch as they complete the set-up – all while you are in your office and connected through TeamViewer Pilot.

  • Maintain Security. Within TeamViewer's secure global network, all remote connections are secured end to end with RSA public/private key exchange and AES (256-bit) session encryption.

  • Remote Camera Sharing and Real-Time Video Streaming. Enable your on-site employees or clients to share their smartphone’s camera view. The camera acts as your eyes so you can see the problem and help the person on-site address it.

  • HD VoIP. Speak to the service technician or client on the other side of the screen, giving them detailed instructions on how to fix the issue at hand.

  • Highlighting on 3D Objects and Adding Text. Help the on-site employee or customer fix the issue by drawing and highlighting on the screen onto real-world objects, as well as adding text descriptions.

  • Freeze Image. Pause the video stream to get a clear still image to highlight and discuss technical details, as well as work hands-free.

  • Mobile to mobile. Use an iOS or Android device to connect and support anyone with a smartphone or smart glasses.

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Category Networking applications - Network - remote access / login control, Network - system & remote management
Product Type Subscription License - 1 year
Platform Linux, MacOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, Windows, iOS, Chrome OS
Language All Languages

License Type 1 License
License Pricing Commercial
License Program Subscription