CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021 - Business License - 1 User - Mac - Download

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021 - Business License - 1 User - Mac - Download

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite - 365-Day Subscription

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite - 365-Day Subscription

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021 - Education License - 1 User - Mac - Download

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Fuel your creative fire with professional graphics software designed for creativity in the classroom. CorelDRAW®Graphics Suite 2021 streamlines the design journey so you can create jaw-dropping school projects sooner, without compromising on quality. Start out on the right foot with a wealth of learning materials available at your fingertips to build confidence and hone skills. And thanks to impressive new illustration, photo editing, and multi page layout tools that accelerate project setup, creation and output, you’ll have more time to focus on taking your creativity to the next level. With a true cross-platform experience across Windows, Mac, web, iPad, and mobile, CorelDRAW is your go-to professional graphic design software to deliver mind-blowing results more easily.

  • Comprehensive. Start your design journey on the right foot with a complete suite of professional design applications for vector illustration, layout, photo editing, and more–specifically designed for your platform of choice. Discover a comprehensive graphics toolbox, jam-packed with everything you need to deliver phenomenal finished products that will surely turn heads. With flexible purchasing options, you can subscribe for a fraction of the cost of comparable competitor software, or purchase and own it outright. It’s no wonder CorelDRAW®Graphics Suite 2021 is a proven favorite of graphic design professionals.

  • Productive. Time is one of your most valuable assets, and CorelDRAW®is here to make sure you don’t waste it. Tackle client projects quicker with progressive new illustration and photo editing tools that simplify complex workflows and accelerate project setup so you can focus more time on what shouldn’t be rushed – being creative. Take advantage of ground breaking collaboration tools to streamline your design review process and say goodbye to time wasted in a mess of PDF exports, emails, and attachments. Note: Collaboration features are available exclusively with a CorelDRAW Graphics Suite subscription, licensing with maintenance, or an additional purchase plan for perpetual license customers.

  • Creative. Gain a creative edge with professional graphics tools that push the boundaries of imagination and free you from familiar thinking. Building on CorelDRAW’s unique advantage of supporting vector illustration and page layout in a single application, now you can view, manage, edit, and publish all of your project’s digital assets in one flexible design space –a whole new playground for creativity! From outstanding web graphics to magnificent print, CorelDRAW®Graphics Suite turns big dreams into even better realities.

  • Innovative. Available on more platforms than ever, and compatible with some of the best technology on the market, CorelDRAW®Graphics Suite 2021 is at the fore front of innovation. Design from anywhere in a hyper-efficient manner, thanks to a true cross-platform solution wired with tools to make you work smarter. Accelerate your creative process witha cloud-based collaboration workflow that offers a dramatically better way to connect with clients and colleagues on designs in real-time. Combine next-generation collaboration with a vast set of features powered by artificial intelligence to gain some serious momentum in a fast-paced, connected world.

  • User-friendly. Transform your creative ideas into polished designs with great success thanks to a wealth of easy-to-use tools and helpful learning resources at your fingertips. CorelDRAW®Graphics Suite’s intuitive user interface comes packed with customization capabilities so you can learn and thrive in a comfortable space that’s tailored to you. The built-in Hints docker/inspector will have you creating confidently in no time by teaching you how to use tools as you select them. And when you don’t want to start with a blank canvas, there's a variety of ready-made templates to design all kinds of projects swiftly – from brochures and business cards to logos and infographics. CorelDRAW is here to help!

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Category Creativity application - graphics & image editing
Product Type License
Platform Mac
Language All Languages (French, Czech, Brazilian Portuguese, English, German, Turkish, Russian, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Swedish)

License Type 1 User - Perpetual
License Pricing Academic - Volume / Level 1 (1-4 licenses)
License Program Corel Transactional Licensing (CTL)

System Requirements
Supported OS macOS Big Sur 11.0 or macOS Catalina 10.15, with the latest revision
Hardware Requirements RAM 4 GB - HDD 4GB
Additional Requirements Multicore Intel processor with 64-bit support - 1280 x 720 or higher screen resolution - OpenCL 1.2 capable video card (recommended). Internet connection.