CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021 - Enterprise License (includes 1 Yr CorelSure Maintenance)(1-4)

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021 - Enterprise License (includes 1 Yr CorelSure Maintenance)(1-4)

Corel Painter 2021 - License (5-50) - Win, Mac - Multilingual - Download

Corel Painter 2021 - License (5-50) - Win, Mac - Multilingual - Download

Corel Painter 2021 - License (Single User) - Win, Mac - Multilingual - Download

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Accelerate your art with Corel Painter 2021. Turn concepts into your signature style faster than ever! With renowned digital art software that offers hundreds of realistic brushes, exclusive media and an array of artistic tools, Painter 2021 delivers it all. Confidently paint original works with artist-created brushes and textures, transform photos into paintings, and share custom content with fellow artists. A library of free learning resources and live webinars will provide on-going inspiration as you paint.

  • Natural-Media™ that replicates reality. Immerse yourself in an enormous selectionof professional Natural-Media™ brushes including, thick, wet, dry and blending media that looks and feels just like the real thing.

  • Exclusive digital art brushes. Create unforgettable art with Painter’s proprietary media, Particles that spring, flow and glow, Pattern Pens that make an unforgettable mark and extruding Thick Texture.

  • Intelligent photo-painting tools. Clone your images by dipping your brush directly into the photo or use artificial intelligence and the Auto-Painting palette to rapidly transform images for you.

  • Incomparable composition. Paint in perfect symmetry and perspective using built-in composition tools such as Mirror painting, Kaleidoscope, Divine Proportion, Rule of Thirds and Perspective Guides.

  • Intuitive workspace. Create your own custom brushes, palettes and workspace layout, or import custom content from others that exponentially speeds up your artistic workflow.

  • Extensive compatibility. Open and save to .PSD. Enjoy using multi-touch or a drawing tablet with stylus tilt, rotation, bearing & pressure control plus paint on a Mac or a Windows system.

  • NEW Performance optimization. Run the intuitive Brush Accelerator™, which makes the most of your computer’s hardware and graphics card, to deliver the best possible painting experience. Work faster with double the number of GPU accelerated brush technologies, optimized drip and liquid brush technologies, and quicker brush and tool switching.

  • NEW Thick Paint brushes and workflow options. Enjoy enhanced Thick Paint brushes and a NEW Thick Paint-compatible brush category that takes full advantage of the depth, lighting and shadows of piled paint.

  • NEW Artificial Intelligence style transfer. Choose from 12 AI Styles that easily transfer to your image. Use the presets or adjust the style strength, detail, color match and smoothing to fine-tune the end result.

  • NEW Cloning workflow. Easily access the top Photo Art panels from the property bar for quick adjustments and take advantage of new color tinting of a source including images, textures and patterns.

  • ENHANCED Layer control. Choose to paint on any layer type right from the New Image dialog plus take advantage of many other user requested layer improvements.

  • NEW Platform support. Use Sidecar on macOS Catalina to mirror your Mac on an iPad and paint using the Apple Pencil with new tilt support. On MacBook Pro and iPad, increase efficiency with new support for the context sensitive Touch Bar and multi-touch Trackpad on MacBook Pro. Windows users will benefit from the new auto-launch after install.

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Category Creativity application - graphics & image editing
Product Type License
Platform Windows, MacOS
Language All Languages (French, English, German)

License Type 1 User - Perpetual
License Pricing Commercial - Volume / Level 1 (1-4 licenses)
License Program Corel Transactional Licensing (CTL)

System Requirements
Supported OS Windows 10 (64-bit), Apple macOS 10.14, Apple macOS 10.15
Hardware Requirements RAM 4 GB - HDD 2.4GB
Additional Requirements Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon - 1280 x 800 or higher screen resolution - OpenCL 1.2 capable video card (recommended) - Microsoft.NET Framework 4.7.2. Internet connection.