Adobe Creative Cloud 1TB rollout

We are pleased to inform about the Adobe Creative Cloud 1TB rollout effective June 9, 2020. This is the first step in increasing product differentiation and transforming Creative Cloud for Teams into the leading creative platform for business. The upgrade is free of charge. It is available for all existing and new VIP customers in Creative Cloud for Enterprise (CCE) and Creative Cloud for Teams (CCT).

This Adobe Creative Cloud 1TB rollout applies to Creative Cloud for teams and enterprise plans for commercial and government customers only.  This cloud storage upgrade does not apply to:

  • InCopy, Acrobat, and Lightroom single app plans
  • Creative Cloud for individuals and education plans
  • China plans and other plans that have storage set to 0GB

For Creative Cloud for teams plans, the storage quota will be adjusted per individual user from the currently allocated storage to 1TB. For Creative Cloud for enterprise plans deployed with user storage management, the storage quota will be increased to 1TB at the individual user level. For Creative Cloud for enterprise plans deployed with Adobe Storage for business, the storage quota will be adjusted at the organizational level. So, that means the total number of user licenses multiplied by 1TB, instead of the current storage is available for allocating across users. For example, an organization with 100 licenses can use up to 100TB total storage across the 100 users. Administrators can continue to monitor organizational assets, specify sharing restrictions, and reclaim assets as usual.

The storage limit is a combined limit across Creative Cloud AssetsPhotos, and Documents. Users have the freedom to use services, and the total consumption is calculated automatically.